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Bathing has been an obsession for mankind throughout recorded history! The ancient Greeks used a steam bath called a Laconia. This was typically a circular room with a large domed roof that was heated by fires underneath the floor!

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The Soap Museum

Welcome to our 'cyberattic' where we collect some of the best novelty soaps ever made. There is a rich history of bath products that have been offered to the public over the last century. All of the items pictured are no longer in production and unfortunatley not for sale. However, we do have most of these items in our private collection.

If you have historic knowledge or fond memories of any of the items displayed in the Soap Museum, please write to us! We are always anxious to learn as much as possible about these treasured bits of history.

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Attn: We're looking for soap makers who create quality rope soap for private label production. Write to us at: service@soaponarope.com